Lifeguard Pre-Test

Lifeguard Pre-Test

The Forest City YMCA is dedicated to providing local communities with well-trained lifeguards and WSI’s through the American Red Cross system.

Lifeguard Certification Class PRE-TEST

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2/12/23 - 2/12/23

This course is designed to give participants the basic skills and knowledge needed to be lifeguards in pools and aquatics settings. This comprehensive course offers up-to-date information on how to guard, anticipate, and prevent problems and to take action to help those in pool, lake, river, surf, and waterpark environments. CPR-Pro, First Aid, AED certifications, and books are included in the cost of the program. Participants must pass the swimming pretest before being accepted into the course. Call to set up a time for the swimming pretest (see below for details).


300 yd continuous swim using front crawl, breast stroke, or a combination of the two.

Tread water for two minutes—LEGS ONLY

Timed skill:

—Swim 20 yds

—Retrieve 10 lb brick

—Return to starting spot (both hands must remain on brick)

—Exit pool at side

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1/18/23 2/10/23 Front Desk $ 50.00$ 50.00

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